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The main star in your Life Palace is the Speech Star, it means that you are shrewd and detailed, calm and cautious, and eloquent, with strong analytical skills and given to incisive insights. Because you are naturally suspicious and do not easily believe others and tend to surprise people with your bluntness, you often intentionally or unintentionally spark conflict. Such behavior is simply a self-defense mechanism masking the fact that your cold exterior hides passion inside you. By trying to be more open and leaving more leeway when dealing with people or things, you will end up happier.

Were you born during Daylight Saving Time?

If you were born during Daylight Saving Time, please rectify your birth time back to standard time. You can check it out at reference websites like timeanddate.com.

For example, if you were born in Geneva on Aug 1, 1981 at 15:33, you need to adjust your birth time to 14:33 when filling out your basic info in BigDou.