9 Things
9 Things to Know
  1. Our mission is to help people achieve a better life.
    BigDou outlines your personality traits and future development path, provides key information on personal relationships, career, wealth, love and other aspects to help you make the most accurate judgments at different stages in your life.

  2. Reject superstitions.
    BigDou strongly opposes superstition and fatalism. Purple Star Astrology is a fortune-telling program that integrates astrology, astronomy, mathematics, statistics, psychology and logic -- a scientific approach that can be used to infer and verify an outcome.

  3. Join the revolution.
    Purple Star Astrology has been developed over 1,000 years, and BigDou standardizes, simplifies and universalizes it so that anybody, regardless of ethnicity, age or gender, can easily study and use it while also helping advance the Purple Star Astrology project.

  4. No way to predict independent events.
    BigDou offers you a general direction and development trends, but it cannot pinpoint specific events, such as accidents, disasters or death. Otherwise, it would be nothing more than an unscientific fatalism.

  5. You always have a choice.
    The blueprint of your destiny is preordained, but the power of choice is in your hands. For example, you may see two possible roads ahead, one relatively flat and one full of challenges, and the choice of which road to follow results in different outcomes.

  6. 'Good' and 'bad' are relative.
    BigDou cannot predict opportunities, good or bad and success or failure on an absolute basis. All analytical outcomes are relative values.

  7. Sometimes it takes two to get things done.
    When a question of interest involves somebody else, such as whether to get married in a certain year or start a business with a partner, the life chart information of the other person involved must also be included in the evaluation.

  8. Angels and demons are always there.
    Positive energy is like an angel and negative energy is like the devil. The two inevitably appear at any time during the course of your life, and both exert an enormous pull on you to draw you toward them. How you respond depends on your free will and the choices you make.

  9. Do the right thing at the right time.
    BigDou can help point you in the right direction and keep trouble away. You will be able to harness those things that are wrapped in positive energy, and endure or avoid things affected by negative energy.
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Jun 2, 2008
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Sep 27, 2013