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BigDou's mission is to help people achieve a better life.

Launched in 2013, BigDou is a completely free astrology services platform, empowering people to look into, analyze and plan their lives based on the methods and theories of Purple Star Astrology.

We strongly oppose fatalism and superstition, BigDou can outline your personality traits and future development path while also providing critical information on personal relationships, career, wealth, love and other aspects to help you make the best choices at different stages in your life. These functions can help you avoid pitfalls and put control over success or failure in your hands.

The goal of BigDou is to standardize, simplify and universalize Purple Star Astrology so that anybody, regardless of ethnicity, age or gender, can easily study, verify and make use of it. Its deductive reasoning approach and theories are completely open, and the participation of every user in this sustainable project will help improve the Purple Star Astrology system over time.

BigDou is a free-for-life service open to all those interested. We wish you all a happy and healthy life.
Milestone   From To
BigDou concept created 2008-06-02
Research and analysis 2008-06-03 2010-08-20
Theoretical model development 2010-09-13 2012-08-29
Algorithm development and prototyping 2012-09-16 2013-03-07
Website design and programming 2013-04-05 2013-07-06
Website launched 2013-09-27
Android app launched 2014-01-29
iOS app launched 2014-04-10
Facebook app launched 2014-07-08
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Jun 2, 2008
Official Launch
Sep 27, 2013