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Colin Farrell
The main star in your Life Palace is the Fidelity Star, it indicates that you are practical and enterprising, devoted to your work, and imbued with a spirit of dedication. Others see you as generous, decent, and humble, though there are times when you inadvertently show a subjective and critical side. You care a lot about your appearance and material pleasures, and are demanding when it comes to food, fashion, and your living space. Soft-hearted, highly tolerant and treasuring of affection, you often suffer in silence. When pressure overwhelms you, you may lash out impulsively. You should try letting your emotions out to an appropriate degree, and maintain a healthy, relaxed attitude.

Were you born during Daylight Saving Time?

If you were born during Daylight Saving Time, please rectify your birth time back to standard time. You can check it out at reference websites like timeanddate.com.

For example, if you were born in Geneva on Aug 1, 1981 at 15:33, you need to adjust your birth time to 14:33 when filling out your basic info in BigDou.